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How To Live An Allergy-Free Life?

Posted Mar 21 2009 10:23am

How many of you have at least one allergy, either food, dust or chemical substances? It is rare to meet someone who can claim himself as an allergy-free person. And it becomes more difficult when we come to the next question: how to live an allergy-free life? Let us break down the possibilities,

Healthy home

This is maybe the simplest thing to do, as organizing things in our terittory means we don’t need permission from other people to do it. But what if there is only one or two members of family who have the allergy? Must we all live with certain food to eat, no carpets, no pets, etc? It will be difficult sometimes to get understanding from all members of family. Yet, like I said, it is probably the simplest thing to do to have an allergy-free life.

Healthy body

This one should be easier, as it only matters to ourselves. Yet, many people find that discipline and persistency are the hardest things to keep in life. My mother, for instance, she cannot take iced and cold foods, and it has been like that since forty years! But within those long years, there were always certain occasion that she must break her own rules. It even once made her hospitalized (you can read my story here).

Healthy environment

Although we cannot control the environment where we live, we can still create an allergy-free life with a very high cost. On pollen season, for example, we can take vacation to free-pollen country like Asian countries. Or, we can move to a new location that is more safely for our allergy. Of course, those are very expensive!

Healthy working place

Let’s say that we are willing to take those above risks, but how about your working place? Although we can choose our jobs, but it will not be easy find a working place with zero allergen. More often, we get a new allergy after being exposed to certain substance in our working place area, and sometimes it can lead into asthma, which we often calledoccupational asthma.

Knowing that allergy-free living is almost impossible, we can try to adapt a more healthy lifestyle, by boosting our immune system, by eating healthy, and by

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