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How to improve the competitiveness of mobile power bank

Posted Jan 30 2013 5:50am
With the popularity of smart phones and power bank market is growing, more and more businesses to enter the mobile power industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, how many businesses, mobile power supply manufacturers how to stand out it? We should be analyzed from the perspective of consumers and consumers in the purchase of mobile power, they can see or understand the appearance, capacity, input and output parameters, the internal batteries brand A cargo or goods B there will be virtual, circuit board design, IC components, good or bad, they are almost impossible to know, therefore, at the time of purchase, the consumer will look and capacity and other parameters as a basis, this will also be able to explain why portable usb mobile charger capacity standard, large capacity to a certain extent, and then a big lose its meaning bigger and bigger, but mobile power supply manufacturers or the capacity to attract the attention of consumers, some time ago there 10000mA online already marked 20000mA even 30000mA of 's. Secondly, the appearance of the consumer a great influence, the appearance of this one, turnip greens all have love, it is difficult to control; appearance of the production, from design to mold to a certain threshold, therefore, the batteries and circuit the the board fairly mature industry chain case, the appearance of a mobile power supply manufacturers one of the most effective way to enhance the competitiveness of brand building is to improve the competitive one, but it requires a long-term process of accumulation, although the Internet developed shortening the time of product awareness, but the real shape of the brand, or the need for a process, and the considerable investment for mobile power supply manufacturers, there is a certain pressure.

Overall, no matter what industry, success has its own rules to follow, mobile power will have to see whether businesses are willing to refer to the implementation of the.
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