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How to choose Anti Radiation Clothes

Posted Oct 03 2012 9:58am

Do you think that anti radiation clothes must be the single style and simple suit? We see most of the products on the market in the past was almost a style, seems to be the only style that can be paired with radiation, in fact, after several years of development, radiation-proof suits have come into vogue, many brands first to start a fashion trend, radiation-proof suits to stay away from "tooling" shadow.

Most of today's moms are commuters, so demand for maternity clothes is high, in addition to loose waist, and requirements for color, style, and so are not inferior to the fashion. Maternity clothes are divided into leisure and career maternity clothes all the time.

"The feedback from the market, gray, pink, navy blue, dark purple, light gray five colors are popular with consumers. Taking into account electromagnetic radiation protective clothing should not be washed frequently, generally speaking, dark is more popular than light, but light are planning to purchase more pieces of clothing fashionable white-collar favorite anti-electromagnetic radiation. ”

Mix of pants, commuters can be completed with dark lines, dominated by cotton polyester fabric elastic feet pants, played a collection of effects, casual maternity dress can be used with micro-la casual jeans. Try not to choose a pair of slacks of the mast was not spirit. What is more, if you need to go formal occasions, you can also buy formal maternity dress.

In addition, while after 3 months pregnant, most pregnant women are already bulging waist trousers that were of little use, so you should chose professional trousers for women, can help the health of the baby in his mother's womb to grow, or you can make pregnant women more comfortable through the entire pregnancy.

From the effectiveness of anti-electromagnetic radiation, light weight, breathable, soft, and so the overall effect, radiation protective clothing of material silver fiber superior are eye-catching, while the silver fiber radiation protective clothing also has features such as thermal conductivity, anti-static, absolute claim to stand out in a similar product.

However, some consumers think, spend around 1500 Yuan to buy anti-electromagnetic radiation suits, silver fiber content of only 10% or 20%, they felt unworthy. So, higher content of silver ion is good?

Tested by authoritative departments, when anti-electromagnetic radiation is below 15% silver ion content in the fabric, we cannot guarantee their service life and high performance shielding. When the fabric content of silver ion in anti-electromagnetic radiation is above 20%, will lose as a pregnant woman in full dress costume that must have the characteristics of lightweight, soft, breathable, also feel discomfort when the pregnant Mommy wears. Also, simply increase the content of silver ion and not proportional to the shielding effectiveness of clothing increased after repeated tests showed that when the silver ions in the electromagnetic wave radiation-proof fabrics reached 17%, continue to increase the proportion of silver ions, it also can not upgrade the shielding effectiveness.

Delicate silver fiber electromagnetic radiation protective clothing is also recognized in the industry, the silver ions can be easily oxidized, after a period of use, color tends to darken and dim.

In amateur conditions, generally only "qualitative" to detect any radiation effects, does not know exactly how well do the radiation effect. General radiation protection suits will come with a small piece of cloth, according to the manufacturer's testing method for judging the truth of clothes. If it is metal fiber fabric, you can burn this piece of cloth, if after burning, you can see the very fine metal mesh structure, it means that this piece of cloth is the radiation effects.

More intuitive method of judging is "shielding mobile phone interference experiment". Specific practice is the speaker switch turned on the computer, cell phone near the speakers when making or answering "takh-takh" pulse interference sound, with radiation protection clothes out of the phone and speaker, then make or receive phone, interference tones. Description radiation protection suits cause electromagnetic interference shielding off your cell phone.

If you want to learn more information about fashion pregnancy dress, you can leave a message to me.

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