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How to Authenticate Michael Kors Luggage

Posted Jan 14 2013 3:19am
Michael Kors luggage is the epitome of Michael Kors Factory Outlet luxury and classic style. Pieces can range in price from $1,100 to almost $7,000, coming in everything from dog carriers to leather garment bags. When a savvy shopper comes across a Michael Kors piece that is discounted, they often wonder whether it is authentic. Knock-off luxury bags and luggage are a huge business, but a savvy shopper can usually tell the difference between the counterfeit merchandise and the real thing.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Identify an Authentic Michael Kors VintageHow to Identify a Real Michael KorsInstructions 1Look at the date code and serial number. Date codes are two letters followed by four numbers. Look for three numbers in older luggage. Keep in mind that some counterfeiters know about the presence of these date codes, so finding a piece of luggage with a date code does not mean that it is authentic. Assume a piece of luggage is fake if it does not have one, however, or has a serial number instead.2Study the stitching and quality of the leather on the travel piece. Look for perfect stitching that is aligned. Real Michael Kors luggage is hand stitched, and every seam should be at approximately a 45 degree angle. Feel, smell and look at the leather to ensure that it is real leather, and not a synthetic material.3Pay attention to details. Look for brass and gold metal hardware. Beware anything that looks like gold-painted plastic. The zippers and clasps of the luggage should have a neatly printed "LV" on them. Understand what real Michael Kors luggage looks like by studying the company's website (see Resources). Beware of bags with handles covered in plastic and small tags with the logo; authentic Michael Kors luggage does not include logo tags.4A $300 Michael Kors suitcase for sale online (worth $3,000), is probably a fake .Know who is selling the luggage you are considering buying. There is no such thing as genuine Michael Kors on a wholesale or discount website. Genuine luggage can only be purchased through the company. Understand that a Michael Kors piece is never on sale or discounted, and it keeps its value. Make sure a piece is aging (as real leather does), when buying a used piece. Assume it is a fake if it still looks brand new, but is being sold as a used item.5Look out for authentic logos. Make sure the signature "LV" logos are always lined up, and are never randomly placed. Look for logos that are cut off or used in the background, as this is rare in genuine Michael Kors luggage. Remember that not all Michael Kors luggage is covered in logos. For example, some of their Pegas and Epi leather luggage are solid colored bags, without the regular logo, so it is best to purchase these bags directly from Michael Kors.Tips & WarningsBe wary of purchasing a bag online, as counterfeiters often take pictures from the Michael Kors website, but send you one of their own (fake) bags.Be aware of the general cost of Michael Kors luggage. You will not find authentic Michael Kors luggage for half the price, unless the piece is clearly used.The only way to ensure you are buying an authentic piece is by purchasing it directly from Michael Kors.
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