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How Does Social Media Impact Your Business? - Nike Zoom Kobe

Posted Jan 22 2013 6:00am

Applications8 Nike Zoom Kobe. The Experience9.

Reaction10. Opportunity for advocacyBy engaging effectively at each stage of this cycle you can place your business in the heart of the decision-making process foamposites for sale. Social media gives you the opportunity to build stature, establish authority and gain attention.

Without maintaining that contact it is easy to slip outside the cycle of attention, analysis, and action only to be forgotten or ignored lebron 8 shoes.How quickly will my social media campaign workFollowing the success of the Obama internet campaign companies have realized that this is something they can emulate.

The crucial point is that it is a slow-burn process, particularly at the beginning cheap foamposites. President Obama didnt wait to the last minute to begin his technological and social media campaign.

It was successful because he used it as a foundation early on in his campaign for presidency. His other activities then generated comment in the new media and so it built momentum.A vibrant business is always looking for ways to reach the marketplace. Unfortunately, with many traditional businesses the adoption of new techniques is often left until it is too late.When a business networks and markets face to face the power and reach of the message is often limited. With the introduction of social networking on the web even the smallest business can have a global reach. The important thing is, whether you are a local or global business, you start to build a trust with your audience that brings a steady and loyal customer base over time.What benefits will I noticeA recent study showed a direct correlation between deep social media engagement and top financial performance in terms of revenue and profit.You also get instant feedback on your business activities. Traditionally you might do a peer review or a focus group before releasing a new product. Now, you have the opportunity to do customer-led product development.Consumers also have high expectations so it is important to have the resources to maintain and monitor your social media activities. It can reflect badly on your business if they feel they are not getting the instant response they can get elsewhere (possibly with your competitors). You will even get immediate feedback on your more traditional marketing activities such as print or TV advertisements, so you can modify them to be more effective.Social media is now having a big influence on customer service. In our fast-paced society modern consumers expect instant feedback. It is important to be responsive, flexible and to manage customer expectations.
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