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How are you healing your child with Eczema?

Posted Jan 24 2013 12:16pm

We realize the correlation between Eczema and Food Allergies. Some of us take the Gluten Free, Dairy Free route and see a difference. Some of us render Antihistamines to ease the Hives and Itching. A few I hope use Hydrocortizone. Are we seeing a difference though as they grow older? Science and other Moms tell us they will outgrow their allergies and hopefully the skin rash will subside. Do we know that  most kids afflicted with Eczema , have a higher tendency to become Asthmatic? Its like  taking the medicines from the left pocket and inserting it into the right pocket only to administer it again. So what is the cure? Hundreds of medical and scientifical journals come to the conclusion that its a lifelong journey, Celebrities talk about their lifestyles with Eczema and Hope, but as a MOM dont we want to find a Solution to the endless suffering that our kids have to contend with? Money can buy care and medicines but faith in cure can make the “ i  m possible” Happen. Share with us your stories if you have witnessed a cure or are in the journey by sending your story to . Other Moms want to hear you.

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