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Home Based Business Article -Why Most People Have Business Success Backwards Jordan Heels. - Nike Heels White shoes

Posted Oct 17 2012 7:35am

from them.

Think of someone like Bill Gates and Microsoft Jordan High Heels. He sells you a computer operating system like Windows, which has literally thousand of hours of development time in it, to you for $129.

What an incredible bargain this is, somebody spends millions of dollars and thousands of hours to develop a product that you want for which you get for only $129 women jordan heels. What a steal.

The point is in all of these cases these people had the vision of giving away their talents (isn't our wealth really what we have the capability to earn with our talents), before they expected to receive anything in return High Nike Heels. And yet in each of these cases the more value they were able to give away to people the more wealth they got back in return.

The Bible talks about the principal of tithing. God says give me 10 percent of what you can do and I'll give you much more in return. God also says you can't out give him. I think he must see it as like a contest. He must be thinking, you think you are a big giver. "Check this out, look what I'm going to give you in return, try to top this."The point is in all of these cases people first gave of themselves and then they received much more in return. And yet we too often as sales people simply go out and try to sell somebody on our product or service. And we wonder why the customer doesn't buy from us.Let's look at this from the customer's perspective-We're saying, "This is a great product." They're thinking, "I'm skeptical what's so great about it"We're saying, "This product will make your life easier." They're thinking, "Okay, but I can get the same product somewhere else why should I buy from you"We're saying, "You need our product or service." They're thinking, "Why, I've gotten along okay without it this long."We're saying, "In so many words and body language, I need you to buy this from me." They're thinking, "You're bugging me, I don't want to buy your product, go away."People have a built in radar that detects when they think you're trying to sell them something, and when their radar detects this it automatically raises this built-in defense barrier to protect them from buying from you. Some sales people are so obnoxious that people will actually lower this barrier and buy from the sales person to get him to go away. The pain of dealing with them was greater than the pain of buying.But they'll never buy again from these sales people. The remarkably successful people first find ways to be of value first, then people will want what they have because they sense they are getting back more in return. What they are getting is a bargain.Having said all this, value like beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder. You don't have to become a doctor, athlete, or actor to be of value to others. Learn what people want and simply give it to them. There are certain basic human emotions that everyone wants but few provide them. So if you are one of the few who learn to give people these things doesn't this make you valuable to them Doesn't this make people want to do business with you because you are providing greater value Sure it does.Here is a list of some of the things that people desire:Make someone feel important, find someway to make them feel that they have a special way of doing something. Get them to talk about themselves. Find out something that they may have accomplished, no matter how small it may seem. And ask them to tell you about how they were able to accomplish this task. They will love telling you about it. You have to remember that to them their favorite topic is themselves.The point is if you show genuine interest in them you are showing interest in their favorite topic. Automatically they drop their guard and will even discuss sales with you because, now you become more of a trusted friend - you are not just a sales person. But it can't be phony interest. People will see through that.By showing interest in them you are providing value to them. And remember everyone truly is special. Don't ever judge someone by appearance by thinking, "They can't help me, no need to be nice to them." If you do this eventually other people will see this in you and think, "He is such a phony, he is only acting like this with me to get my business. He doesn't really care about me, only my money."The point is people who really do want to provide others with value will develop an attitude of caring. When you show people you care you can't help but be rewarded and you mind will become conditioned to liking this caring a
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