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Hives, but especially blood pooling in the hands and feet with extreme itching....Help

Posted Mar 18 2009 7:43pm 2 Comments

I have food and dye/medication allergies ( the dye in the medication).  Has anyone experienced excessive blood pooling in the hands and feet with or without hives present?  The only relief I can get is to bleed out the tips of the fingers and toes.  Sometimes if I can do this in a short amount of time, then I will not develop hives.  Does anyone have this happen, or do I feel like the only one?


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I got a DVT (deep ventricular thrombosis) in my left ankle and three superficial clots, one in my left leg and two in my right leg.   This happened at the same time (weeks/months) that I was getting hives on the bottoms of my feet.  I'm thinking that the swelling associated with the hives reduced the flow in the veins of my feet, causing the clots.  My hives were intense and made it difficult and painfull to walk. The hives came on the contact points of my feet and toes. Now after 1.5yr of hives they seem to have subsided. They started all over my head and back and seems to have moved downward during the months of suffering I endured. At first my head itched incessantly, then I got grapefruit sized swellings on my back about 1/2 inch high.  At the last my feet were swollen up so that regular shoes would hardly fit, but walking without very soft bottom shoes was impossible. Anyone else have hives and blood clots in the feet?  Dan

My hands and feet tend to swell and pool blood if I stand for long periods of time, do cardio exercises, or if I get cold. Recently I felt like I might be having an allergic reaction to something because my hands and feet had blood pooling in them to the point where they were burning. This happens to me when I drink just one glass of red wine. I saw that people with sulfite allergies have reactions to wine and molasses. The reason I checked is because I made a cookie dough using molasses for the first time and I have been having this strange reaction the past two days (both days I ate at least three molasses cookies). I always just figured I had poor circulation, but could it be something else?

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