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High performance of mobile power pack

Posted Dec 29 2012 7:29am
Mobile phone battery is not to force, so some Mobile Power Charger Let's Portable mobile power pack use has been limited, so have a mobile power, can be said in this era of rapid consumption of any items to people's lives and to facilitate the work and produce,the emergence of mobile power greatly ease the inadequate performance of digital products increasingly frequent use of electricity. Secure mobile power is based on the use of mobile power increase higher safety factor. To exclude external reasons, such as conductive metal contact poles, mobile power water, caused by improper use causes insecurity. Main mobile power hardware conditions, the mobile market power, brand is not specified, capacity of up to 15000Mah, disassemble mobile power can be seen. Inside the capacitor and two firecrackers, due to the immaturity of the technology, its safety performance can not be guaranteed. Recommended: exchange 100 power mobile power pack H5000 "mobile power, dual USB output interface simultaneously to two mobile phones or digital equipment charge; 5000mAh high capacity lithium-polymer batteries, each smartphone charging more than three times as the battery life of the mobile digital devices provide strong protection; Intelligent charging technology automatically adjusts the charging current (mobile power supply to the different brands, different models usb power pack of digital products charging based digital products goods input requirements and adjust the output current) to avoid excessive current to cause the battery to generate heat, affect battery life, even washed out the battery. While avoiding the charging current small charge much longer. Intelligent control, microcomputer intelligent monitoring and display power; Speed ??Shuttle, a button can achieve all functional operation; auto sleep, non-state auto sleep to prevent power loss; 2.1A output USB port for the iPad standard charging current, the perfect support iPad charging. Mobile power supply manufacturers [remitted one hundred power] to remind you: the other as a mobile power, he should have some emergency functions, in the case of the power supply itself has no electricity, can produce electricity through 220 of the most simple voltage.
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