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HELP! Possible developing latex allergy in toddler? Help things are progressing rapidly...concerned grandmother...

Posted by joheckster

My 2 1/2 yo grandson has been in the ED for croup 4 times over the last 8 months, the last being severe enough to require not only nebulized albuterol tx but adrenaline and prednisone as well.  The x-ray showed a "possible" pneumonia for which he was prescribed antibiotics and a home nebulizer. He has nearly always had a runny nose and dry itchy skin on his back but lately has developed a "pink eye" that is persistent, with swelling around the eyes, watering, redness, and sticky eyelashes when he wakes up, not responding to any Rx drops or oral meds (zyrtec and amoxicillin). He has now developed an itchiness, some with rash, some without, especially on his head, neck, face and back.  His face is red and blotchy and frequently wet either from a nasal discharge or tears from the pinkeye.  He has repeatedly been to his doctor over the last few weeks, 2 to 3 times a week b/c of progresssing symptoms. Today the zyrtec was discontinued and he was prescribed cortisone and singulair. He always has congested, difficult breathing at night, and sleeps with a cool mist vaporizer.  He also sleeps with a pacifier (some are latex) and uses them frequently throughout the day when he is fussy or napping.  He has a slight whistling or wheezing sound while he sleeps, sometimes progressing to the croup, which becomes very severe, like an asthma attack.  The doctor says "we don't like to diagnose asthma in a child so young....".  There is now a referral to an allergy specialist (finally).  MY QUESTION: Does this sound like a developing latex sensitivity? Very concerned as this seems to be worsening even with treatment.
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