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Help! I suddenly developed eyelid(mostly) and neck (a bit) dermatitis over a month ago.

Posted by Amyshine

At the time I had no new personal products. (We do have a strong hayfever season with rabbit brush this year.) It has been an off and on problem, but I can't stand to leave all hair and face products off for too long. Using olive oil is still leaving my skin too dry for our area, so I break down and use my moisturizers. Would there suddenly be an irritant in my makeup or hairspray, moisturizer or tissues? I'm itching, puffy, scaling, dry, miserable and ugly. Do moisturizers get too old and do this? It seems like a sudden problem when I didn't do anything new or differently. Are the moisturizers/oils/ petroleum jelly making my pillow allergens stick to me? I am a 42 year old female.
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