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Heart failure?

Posted by poppinfresh

I sometimes cough when I lie flat, and it's beginning to annoy me. What I'm concerned about is heart failure. I'm only 24 and I've recently (in the past 3 months) had an EKG & an echo (I have PVCs) which looked fine. But my mom had open heart surgery at 37. She was born with an aortic valve problem, but still--heart problems in the family make me nervous. No swelling or unusual shortness of breath--should I be worried?
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 Hi there Poppinfresh,


I would contact your medics and ask to see a cardiologist.  I have recently been diagnosed with heart fialure.  I had the typical symptoms: extreme shortness of breath, swollen arm and feet.  I was totally unaware at the time.  Think it worth a check out to make sure...wishing you the best of luck!


loulou :-)

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