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Posted by gogga55

very bloated and  feel sick every time i had something to eat or drink  52 years old
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Hi there! This is an awful way to feel and yet it is very common. One of the things I find as a holistic nutritionist is that a combination of stress, aging and daily factors including diet contribute to overall lower stomach acid levels. This is the one place you want the environment to be acidic. Your symptoms indicate this may be the issue. To find out if you're dealing with a low stomach acid issue or a food allergy is fairly easy. 

First ideally find a local health food store and buy bitters. In Europe many people use bitters as a great and easy way to get the digestive juices flowing and raise the acid in your stomach so that effective digestive can happen and you can absorb all your nutrients. There are a number of brands ask what your local health food owner recommends.  If you can't find bitters the next best alternative is Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Then you take 1 teaspoon of either 10-15 minutes before you eat each meal.  This should relief the bloating and sick feeling. Try it and see how it works, after a few weeks your body should be much better feeling. If not? You may be dealing with food intolerances or food allergies.


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