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having a cold for over 3 months

Posted by molihk


Is it possible? I started to have a cold/ flu since end of April till now. In between I had two times stomach flu coz of the outbreak of  stomach flu then ended up hand foot month at work( school) from May to early June. 

I have seen dr many times  and at ER once cuz of the bad vomiting time and stomach cramping. It happened 2 weeks after my 1 st stomach flu. The ER Dr guessed it could be the 1 st time I wasn’t fully healed and then I caught virus. I was prescript antibiotic etc.  

GP Doctors keep telling me that it seemed I caught new cold/ flu while the old one still recovering. I have had antibiotics ( 500g 4 times a day) , plus others med for trachea  and sore throat etc.. but still I am having a bad cold, sneezing a lot,    sputum ( green color and ) ....stuck around the airway ( I am not sure) , I cough, my left then right cheekbones were pain, accompanied with headache, ontinued nasal congestion, bad voice. I asked Dr could it be sinusitis, but he didn’t think so and just treated as common cold/ flu.

I feel so helpless as it has been a long time and it is not great feeling from being drugged for months...  any idea what I can do next?  thanks in advance :)    


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Even based on the detailed description you gave, it could be any number of things.  Sinusitis should have cleared up by now.  Bacteria caused sinusitis should have cleared up with the antibiotics, and viral typically runs it's course in 1 1/2 to 3 weeks. 
Based on a couple things you wrote and even though you were prescribed antibiotics, neither rules out a severe infection.
I take it that you've never had something like this before?
It might be time to see a new doctor or a specialist.  When one does not seem to be able to figure out the problem, it is time to move on.  For as long as you've been feeling ill, I would say that change is long overdue.

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