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Have You Seen the '10 Americans' Video by Ken Cook from EWG?

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:03pm
I suspect many of you have not yet seen it unless you are on the Environmental Working Group's e-mail list or visit their website frequently.  I believe it is a fairly new video.  It is an amazing video in my humble opinion.  I just watched it this past week, and because it was late I had made up my mind that I would just watch a few minutes of it.  After all, I DO know a great deal about health, the environment, and what makes people sick and well.  I watched the entire video, and I highly recommend it.  Here is the link:

Here is who I think should watch this particular video:  parents of young children, prospective women who hope to become mothers, grandparents, retired people of all ages, educators, men who hope to become fathers, people who wonder why they don't feel well, legislative representatives at the state and federal level, and journalists.  Who did I miss?  I guess I could have written a shorter list by stating who should skip watching the video.  Let's see the manufacturers of chemicals and environmental toxins and the companies who profit from these toxic chemicals.

Oh, yes, I have not really mentioned the content of the '10 Americans' Video.  Humm.  Dare I go there?  I guess I'll have to or it will seem too much like a big tease.  The '10 Americans' video is about what they know about chemicals showing up in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies.  It is very educational.  It is scientific.  It represents a great financial investment in the study that was conducted.  It is a stunning video that would cause an outcry in my humble opinion if enough people saw it.  I hope to contribute to the awakening that is happening in this country and in the world.  Do you know the rate of birth defects for the United States?

The last time I checked it was 1 out of every 24 babies.  If you ask some medical experts, they would say that number is more like 1 out of 17 or 18.  Thirty years ago, the number was 1 in a couple hundred!!  How we will cause more babies to be born healthier is NOT by giving money to the March of Dimes - but to rally Americans together and make a stand that we will not allow babies to be born poisoned because of chemicals in our environment.  It is a moving video.  It was made with the intention, I believe, to help a new day to arise.  Watch it.  Share it.  Pass it on.  And please let me know what YOU think about this video!!  Sending my love,
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