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Halloween is Scary...

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:45pm
Of all of the "scary" holidays that revolve around food, most parents with a peanut allergic child would agree that Halloween is at the top of the list. No other time are there complete strangers giving kids candy, for goodness sakes!

Since Halloween is this weekend, I wanted to re-raise a discussion from this blog in August. You can read what I wrote about it here. The most interesting part, however, are the comments of others. There were 9 insightful other PA moms that contributed to that conversation. I learned a lot from them.

Our Plans This Year
Since we have never gone door to door on Halloween, we will not be doing it this year. Tyler is my oldest and we have never done this due to his multiple food allergies up until earlier this year. Honestly, I don't think it has occurred to him yet that this is a possibility. I will keep it that way as long as I can. I am betting this is my last year with that luxury.

Instead, my two little ones will dress up in their costumes (Tyler will be "Thomas the Train" and Dylan an elephant) and hand out candy to other children. We will have lots of treats at home and safe candy they can indulge in.

In the Coming Years
When Tyler starts wanting to go door to door, I may let him with lots of restrictions. After talking to other PA moms online and off, we will let him take something large like a pillowcase that keeps the candy far from his hands. When we notice something with peanuts, we will refuse it. Once home, I will offer Tyler (and possibly Dylan) the choice of a bag of safe candy or a toy of his choice (within a certain price range). This option allows the boys to participate in Halloween without actually eating (or even touching) potentially harmful candy.

I would love to hear what the plans of other PA kids are. Will your child be trick or treating or some other alternative? Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.
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