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Had severe allergic reaction taking Klonopin. Any relationship between this drug allergy and allergy to alcohol?

Posted by Batsheva

I was rushed to ER when colleagues thought I was having a stroke at work.  I was disoriented, had slurry speech, blurry vision.  I was incoherent one moment, combatative the next, and veryggressive.  I am normally the type of person who NEVER aggues, yet I was mean to people who were trying to help and even told off my boss when she called 911! My balance was off and I don't even remember several hours of that day.  I do have an allergic to alcoholic beverages and never drink.  I hate the taste and my face turns red at one sip and my body feels like it is burning up.  It just occured to me today to wonder if there was some kind of tie in with the two kinds of allergies.  I have not had an alcoholic drink in 15 years aslthough last year I had my crazy alcolhol reaction when someone brought in bananas foster pancakes at work.  Obviously I still react to alcohol that way.  What about the Klonopin?
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