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Posted Oct 13 2009 10:00pm was hacked in August of 2009. I had been using a very common advertising service to sell text links on some of my pages. Someone unscrupulously got into my site using that service, even though what they did was against the terms of service. Google ended up flagging all three of my websites due to this hack. After working on it for about a week in my spare time, I finally decided to nuke them and start over.

This is that “do over.”

I regret that my hundreds of allergy-related links are now kaput. Feel free to leave me your links in the comments. I will eventually get them all re-added to the blogroll.

I’m spread a little too thin right now to promise that I will ever do the podcast again, or even blog regularly. My heart is still with the allergy community–but there’s just so much of me to go around. That doesn’t mean this site is over–it just means it will take a long time, in all probability, to come back to life like it once was.

For now, here are the links to my Allergy Alert Gear shops. That’s the best I can do for now. More to come. Again, please feel free to leave your allergy links in the comments. They will be added to the blogroll as a resource for allergy parents all over the world.

Don’t Feed the Animal

Got Peanut Allergy?

Goober Free Zone

I Love My Kid

Contents: This Shirt Contains One Cute Kid!

Are you nuts?

Do Not Bring Food Into This House (by special request)

Do Not Feed This Child!

Back Off Man! I have food allergies!

I’d Rather Eat One of These

Car Seat Stickers (also good for medicine boxes for school)

We Don’t Leave Santa Cookies–he might be allergic, like me!

Asthma Shirt: Are you trying to kill me? Your smoke + my asthma = I can’t breathe! (by special request)

To Know Me is to Love Me

Warning: This Shirt May Contain One precious child!

Nut Free Zone (best-seller)

Ho Ho Hold it right there!

Got Anaphylaxis?

Got Food Allergy? (original)

Have Food Allergies? (version 2, by special request)

Have Food Allergies? (version 3, by special request)

Allergic to Bee Stings?

Got Milk Allergy?

Got Egg Allergy?

Allergic to Latex?

Allergic to Shellfish?

Got Wheat Allergy?

Got Nut Allergy?

Peanut Allergy Awareness (by special request)

Unusual sources of nuts

Invite your family & friends to a nut-free party

Allergic to Everything? Me, too!

Symptoms of Anaphylaxis (by special request)

Peanut Allergy Awareness (Pink) (by special request)

Peanut Free Zone

No Child Lost to Food Allergies (by special request)

Sources of Milk & Wheat (by special request)

I’ve got the terrible threes! (Wheat/Gluten, Egg, Milk) (by special request)

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