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Great Plains Sales Order Processing Customization Scenarios

Posted Dec 26 2012 12:35am
Microsoft Dynamics GP is flexible ERP application, which is ready for small or even serious modification, and if you are reading this publication, likely you are in the decision making on either programming your own Microsoft Dexterity add-on, or deploy existing SOP extension modules, available from Great Plains ISV partners. We would like to give you popular Sales Order Processing module programming and logic alteration scenarios 1.Ecommerce integration with either Sales Order or Invoice documents. This integrating routine should be programmed in eConnect SDK, where you can deploy Microsoft Visual Studio .Net C# or VB project. eConnect allows you to create or update GP customer, addresses, add invoice, add payment, assuming that customer paid by credit card for its shopping cart items. eConnect does the job if SOP entry screen itself doesn have add-ons, or Dexterity altered logic ?if you have customized SOP screen, you should consider likely to extend eConnect with your own custom SQL stored procedures to populate custom tables 2.Alternative SOP Entry form. If you would like to place fields and change the form itself, you may consider two options: VBA with Modifier or Great Pains Dexterity development NFL jerseys Hot Sale. Dexterity is probably longer to program and test, however it is more powerful, Modifier is fast, but the way to access DB would be old fashioned ADO. In addition, Modifier is outside of the realm of the Microsoft initiative 3.Typical SOP customizations. Most typical modifications are Sales commission accrual and report, adding custom fields on SOP Order Entry line, overriding default pricing with complex price lists for individual customer, based on its historical purchase, adding extra decimals to price and costs, overriding default GL accounts distribution, especially Revenue account, automatic payment notification, when deposit is applied against Sales Order or Invoice, attributing Sales to specific project and its accounts set, placing Sales document into approval queue, automatically creating technician time log bill out in te form of non inventoried items, where technician name is Item Number NFL Jerseys Outlet.
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