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Gluten-Free and Allergy Free Special Baking Pans

Posted Apr 20 2012 11:28pm

One of the questions that I frequently receive from customers is what pans to use and what pans are available as well as where to get them! This post will be all about the specialty baking pans. We have many different special baking pans that we use for our gluten-free and allergy free baking. I did not acquire them overnight, so one of the things that I recommend to gluten-free and allergy free bakers is to put some of these special baking pans on your birthday wish list, your Mother's Day gift wish list or any other gift-giving holiday like Christmas. I even put together a YouTube video showing the special baking pans that we use.

Here is a link to the YouTube Video:

Some of the gluten-free and allergy free baking pans we use include: a french loaf pan, mini-donut pan, mini muffin tins, mini-bundt cake pans, hot dog and hamburger bun pans, a bread stick pan, jellyroll pan, and a whoopie pie pan. I have acquired these pans over time using gift-giving occasions to pick up a pan here an there. I have picked up some of the specialty baking items - like the English muffin rings and specially shaped cake pans - at garage sales, so don't forget that as a budget friendly way to pick up great baking pans for your gluten-free and allergy free baking.

I have purchased some pans on-line, some at specialty stores, and some at garage sales. Of all of the pans that I have, the most used are the hot dog and hamburger bun pans, the mini-donut pans, the mini-muffin tins, and the french loaf pan. Years ago, I used the bread stick pan every day, but I rarely use that these days. Of course I have not listed the simple, standard baking sheet, which I imagine every kitchen is equipped with. I do use those a lot along with a cooling rack.

I try to avoid non-stick finishes on my pans or aluminum. But sometimes those surfaces are the only surfaces available. I consider these pans a very good investment. I have had some of the pans for 12 years! Chicago Metallic is one of the places that carries specialty baking pans, however you need to understand that they also carry commercial baking pans, which will not fit in a standard consumer oven. Therefore, buyer beware to make sure that the dimensions of any pan you are considering purchasing will fit in your oven - that they are not made for commercial or industrial ovens. I did hear from one customer that she missed the boat on this and purchased a pan that would not fit in her oven!

Specialty baking pans for gluten-free, allergy free and special diet needs are a real blessing because they can give your homemade baked goods look profressional! What are your favorite baking pans! Let me know! I'm always on the look!

Happy Baking!


Lisa A. Lundy

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