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Posted Dec 22 2008 5:35pm

Holiday gift getting can be difficult for food allergic families. Inevitably our family ends up with soaps, lotions and foods that we can’t use because they contain nuts or nut oils. 

What’s a food allergic family to do? Donation, re-gifting or starting a white elephant tradition to pass on those lovely/highly allergic “treasures” are a few ideas or... you could forward this list to your loved ones and mention how great some of the ideas are (hint...hint...).


What a food allergic family really wants for the holidays...


Gift certificates or food from:

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Cherrybrook Kitchen


Allergy Free Shop 

Home Free Treats

Gimbals Fine Candies



Cooking Utensils/Items: 


Ice Cream Maker

Popsicle Molds

Bread Maker

Travel Carriers (to keep safe food hot or cold during holiday travel)

Silicone Butterfly Whisk

Fry Pans 

Kitchen Aide Mixer(NECESSITY - I LOVE MINE!!!)

Baking Pans

Cook Books 



Allergic Living Magazine

FAAN membership 

Donation made in your family’s name to a non-profit food allergy organization

Medic Alert Jewelry


Things to Make Eating Out and Travel Easier:


Chef Cards

GPS (Our Garmin has a function that allows us to find the nearest fast food restaurant or hospital, this info is especially important for our food allergic family on trips to new places!)

Vouchers for safe airlines 

Fun utensils 

Disposable Place-mats


Stuff for kids!


Cool lunch box

Fun Tupperware for the cool lunch box

Sigg water bottles

Books about food allergies

Kyle Dine’s You Must Be Nuts CD

Cell Phone (Our child used his at school last year to alert us that a substitute teacher was eating nuts in the classroom, the library teacher passed out unsafe granola bars and multiple other times! Sometimes when a child’s teacher or guardian is making bad choices  - it’s nice that our son has another way to stay safe...MOM TO THE RESCUE!)

EpiPen holders

Cargo pants (Our son keeps his epi in his side cargo pocket, no-one can tell he’s carrying it - this is very important for a tween!)


Do you have any other ideas? Email me by the end of the week and I’ll post it (unless you ask for specifics say like...Can you tell my hubby that I want a new camera for my peanut allergy blog so I can take better/more pictures...for example...because something like that would be tooPERSONAL and SPECIFIC

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