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Get lost! The rudd 10 + 8 all show young 3 section 6 1 key 2 penalty full iron

Posted Jan 14 2013 2:37am
The Portland trail blazers at home after struggle hard, to a 92-90 from behind to beat the heat, but lebron is defined as "the NBA rookie of the year" the rudd performance is very general, in the first quarter to eight points after three quarters he shot only 1 6, and even critical moment two penalty miss, and ultimately contributed 10 points and eight assists. Before the game, lebron in an interview for a compliment the vladimir radmanovic. "He rookie of the year in the league, now there are Cheap Lebron 9 many good point guard, and more and more, the rudd is one of them. His style is very mature, like once in the league played in the game, the rudd should always do what he think the right decision, neither gains nor loses, he always follows his own rhythm." So a supernova performance today? The first quarter after the war his play is quite good, continuous for bush's g and aldridge send out assists, and then his bottom line open your hand jumper. The first section with two points 30 seconds, the rudd even the lion in his den, steals lebron directly after launch fast-break layups, but failed to hit. Fifty seconds after, Mr Rudd's highlights the time arrival, the first quarter with 1 minute and seconds fritz rand caught defensive rebound, the ball forward, then Mr Rudd high speed in positive strong up a long shot; Just a minute later, the rudd stage a come back, this time he caught himself after the rebound of rapidly advancing on the flanks, and the shots hit the three points. Young people do feel free to mix, and fearless pep, at this moment is appeared. The Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes first section of the rudd people get eight points, the performance is quite good. It looks in front of the emperor zhan having attitude. Just as the game propulsion, the rudd performance worse and worse, especially after three games, and radmanovic shot only 6 times as a goal, the game evolved into the iron is hot show. Even worse the rudd to minor details, even feel bad to even free throws have penalty miss. Before the end of the game 4 points and 17 seconds, the rudd into the basket made bosh foul, but his free throws actually two penalty in the past, but the blazers and batu mu, and Matthews, at the last moment to ensure that the tide team win the game. So far this season, the rudd averaging can contribute 18.2 points and 6.5 assists, and these two data in this year's rookie is crown unique group of Aaron. Just for the young teenager speaking, he is the way to go and a lot of. Even if chim Cheap Lebron 9 Low emperor has to give him wearing a top "rookie" busby, but today the first world war I lift or after showed, the rudd there are still many places need to improve. Except the winner. "This is Chicago basketball criterion, if you lose, you will be in down. I don't care whether you the NBA's MVP." Doc rivers said, "garnett said a about Michael (Jordan) story. Michael in the street the game lost, is in down. Chicago is so. He said: 'it was nice, it has taught me a lot.'" garnett feel, is Chicago life experience changed him forever. He learned the most important lesson is -- "you have to stand your ground, can't have any back. This is a man of the union, I have been think so." Tomorrow will be a guest at staples center, the challenge has five straight with the lakers. When talking about tomorrow's opponents, wes brook said they won't go to pay more attention on the opponent, will only care about their own performance how to. Tomorrow the game this season is the second meeting, the first thunder at home to a 114-108 win over rivals. The lakers this summer in the introduction of Nash and Howard every after a big popular title, but the worst thing is that the lakers are to consider the first playoffs. Thunder although lost haddon, but they are durant and wes block led still keeps very good competitive level, at present it is 27 wins and negative row second place in the western conference. "Our work is not to care about how they," wes block in the interview said that "we only care about our Lebron 9 Shoes Cheap team here will have what kind of performance, and in what ways can still improve." "Tomorrow, the game will be a very intense game," wes talked about tomorrow's game easily said, "they are suffering losing streak of the season and we have beaten them again, so they must be prepared." This season to durant, perhaps is the team leader of a growing season, of course, is to point to some ways, such as in some controversial refereeing or other aspects and the ref. So far this year he has won 6 technical fouls, this for him has very much. He had a total of only five seasons and time technical fouls, but this season hasn't half way through it has reached the previous one third of the total. His personal are very unacceptable, said in the game must be calm calm.
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