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Gathering the Science on the Gluten-Free Diet

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:03pm

About 7 years ago, a retired RN who happens to have celiac disease and who just happens to be a cloistered nun, sent me many studies on the gluten-free diet. The studies were much more scientific than I cared to read, but I read them anyway because when a nun bothers to send me things or give me advice - that's earthy advice from heaven in my view. The studies talked about how gluten was absorbed in the body and could bypass the blood brain barrier and enter the brain - a feat that 98% of the pharmaceutical drugs on the market today cannot do. The studies were fascinating, but who knew 7 years ago that I would be in the position I am today so I did not save them. Today I am going to meet with a local researcher that knows so much she can talk rings around physicians and medical researchers. My entire purpose in meeting with her is to gather up (again) the scientific studies on the gluten-free diet so that I can create a reference document to help consumers.

In July 2009 there were several mainstream "articles" that contained misleading and false information written by individuals who, in my humble opinion, probably had never set foot in a medical library to save their soul. I had started re-creating the research myself two or so weeks ago and then I had my partnership epiphany - I did not need to spend hours and hours gathering up the research since I could ask people who had it handy and organized. I can't tell you how excited I am. There is science and research behind the gluten-free diet. For now, interested readers can find on this website  a free white paper titled "A Brief History of Food Allergies", which details in a brief format the kinds of things that Hippocrates and other worldly physicians said about food for the last 2,500 plus years. Here is the link to download the document I am referring to:

This document is not specifically about gluten, which is one reason that it is even more compelling. Hippocrates wrote that food and food alone would injure some people. Hippocrates, just in case you are wondering, is the Greek physician who is considered to be the Father of Medicine. Physicians and scientists have marveled at was his intricate understanding of health, anatomy and medicine given the time he lived. Now, let's compare this type of medical science to the statements in today's media. The Father of Medicine states, without question, that food will injure some people. Hippocrates did not say food would injure everyone. No, he said it would injure some people. Fast forward to today and "journalists" or health writers are stating that the gluten-free diet is a fad and that there is no evidence to support any health benefits.

O.K., enough said. Download the free white paper. Read it and then let me know your comments. By next week I will post a list of articles on the gluten-free diet. I'm traveling this week or I'd get it up sooner. Let me know your thoughts, and by all means if you have the names of any scientific studies that point to what is known about the gluten-free diet, or how gluten enters the brain, please make a comment and share this with me and my readers. It would be greatly appreciated.


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