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Garage and points warrior escape the clippers griffin and + 13 + 8 Paul just seven of 1

Posted Jan 22 2013 2:44am
Golden state warriors (25-15 negative) at home to take to keep. Garage get and points and six assists, jack get and points and 10 assists and six rebounds, in the fourth quarter garage put into four 3-pointers, one contribution rate of 16 points with small team 33-19 of the single section counterattack climax, warriors come turn a 106-99 victory over the Los Angeles clippers (32-10 negative). The warriors made two wins, the regular season 3-1 win over the clippers, the Nike Air Max 2011 Mens clippers' four-game winning streak ended. Warriors of the garage and get points and six assists, Thompson get and points, jack get and points and 10 assists and six rebounds, David lee had 12 points, 11 rebounds and six assists, Barnes scored nine points. The clippers' griffin had 26 points, 13 rebounds and eight assists, three steals, two blocks and 5 turnovers, crawford get 24 points, butler had 19 points and five rebounds, Barnes scored nine points, Paul state not beautiful 7 shots get 4 points and nine assists and 2 steals. David lee out after a return back to the starting lineup. A clippers gain the initiative, griffin contribution rate of four points' 11-5 start. Garage even get 5 points, three points in the Thompson, warriors soon the equaliser. After the two teams both offensive and defensive, the Nike Air Max 2011 Womens multiple appear equally, 27 after flat crawford feel is better even into two record three points, and the Los Angeles clippers to 33-29 lead. Green jumper, jack two free throws, the first quarter ZhanBa two teams to 33 flat shake hands.Green scored five points, Jefferson play three points success, they rate team with ten - 0 attack wave began in the second quarter, the warriors pulled away. Griffin two jumper, lee jump shot points, three points in the repository, the warriors to fifty - and lead. Crawford and butler 3-pointer respectively, they rate team hit 12-2 back wave, half with 36.6 seconds before the clippers after to 51-52. Thompson two penalty one, Jordan free throws the ball, after the half warriors in 53-52 lead 1 minute. The warriors in the first half of the garage 10 points, Thompson had nine points, jack got eight points and seven assists; The clippers' griffin had 17 points and 6 rebounds, crawford had 11 points, butler got ten points. Griffin Nike Air Max 90 started in the third quarter even take shortly after five points, and the Los Angeles clippers switch is sixty flat. The golden state warriors Barnes fire scored five points, a wave of 7-0 small high tide let them lead the way again. Butler, crawford and bligh line were hit three points, and the Los Angeles clippers in this section a late rally high tide, they the 4 counterattack wave to end the quarter, the first session of the ZhanBa clippers 80-73 win seven points. Jack and garage to send force in the fourth quarter, they Cheap Nike Air Max 90 cut down $15 points rate team to 17-6 attack high start, warriors in this section more than half 90-86 lead to four points. Clippers suspended after griffin even take 4 points, crawford hit three points, a 93-90 win again. Jack even throw a contribution with 4 points, landry (micro bo) layup successful, the fourth quarter and two points fifty seconds warriors to a 96-95 lead. Clippers continuous the iron is hot, right in the database again three points, the final 1 minute 26 seconds warriors to a 99-95 lead four points.Griffin hook at LiLiYong secondary attack score, warriors continue to expand the advantage. Lamar odom layup inroads, but Paul breakthrough jumper runs miss the good opportunity, clippers can only choose foul strategy. Garage made two free throws with 23.4 seconds before the final warriors to a 103-97 lead. Crawford base Angle three points at griffin got a rebound after the break layup, Jefferson to rebound, he was fouled two free throws one, warriors lead seven points. Crawford breakthrough points, garage and two free throws, warriors to a 106-99 win.Brooklyn basket nets (25-16 negative) on the road to get a valuable victory. Although Anthony get game-high 29 points, but Johnson scored 25 points, deron had 14 points and 12 assists, and 22.3 seconds before the final shot hit Johnson to help put the basket, deron finally time four penalty 3, and miss Smith buzzer from three points, the basket on the road to a 88-85 win over the New York knicks (25 - and negative). Basket the nets made two wins, the knicks end two wins. Basket nets Johnson had 25 points and five assists, lopez had 14 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks and deron had 14 points, 12 assists and five rebounds and four turnovers, heng fries had 11 points and 13 rebounds, Wallace and bogans each had eight points, Evans get 3 points and nine rebounds. Knicks Anthony scored 29 points and seven assists, Smith scored 16 points and four rebounds and three steals, amare stoudemire scored 15 points and 6 rebounds, Jason kidd (micro bo)
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