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games to everyone brought pressure.

Posted Jan 17 2013 1:56am
"The team is now feeling to win a game that was too difficult, but we have to unite and work together to fight for the win. So have to do is watch the game from the grabbed, playback, a summary of our problems, find your good at things and to play. For now, air max 2011 we need to strengthen the team's defense, first limit opponent, and then to score." About tomorrow's Dallas game, delfino said the rockets need to tighten nerve, concentrated extremely spirit to play the next game. "Today we do not hit due speed, although everyone tried to pass the ball, but more obvious or transfer slow. If like this with the mavericks play will surely suffer. They are knowledgeable and can hit the wonderful game. We must have a good rally do more to get the win." Rockets coach Kevin McHale tonight in lost against the Los Angeles clippers [micro bo] after the game to the press conference. He talked about how the team is the key in the third quarter of the game lost the initiative, and the rockets, as always, bad free throw percentage. "We really is a very bad." The manager is very depressed said, "obviously opponent was more positive, has more momentum. They always can give the ball to the inside of the griffin air max 2012 [micro bo]. Then you'll see the latter by playing, storm inside, shooting, break, get the offensive rebounds, easy to get second chance to attack and score. And we are on the offensive, see only the players stand in situ, don't move, don't talk more to move the ball." Crawford for his season-high 30 points, McHale helplessly say: "he can hit a lot of difficult shot. This time we must someone up interference him, trying to break his rhythm, give him manufacturing large enough trouble to just go. But, on the whole, crawford put into a lot of looks difficult ball, air max 2011 this is a fact. Want to know the substitute crawford is just, and the other the clippers fame greater point guard Chris Paul [micro bo] and knowledgeable Chauncey billups - haven't play it. Asked about the free throws made o downturn did not affect him throughout the play, the manager replied: "I don't think so. Omar will improve the level of his free throws, as before, I really trust him."Finally, said the team defense, disappointing McHale never could not conceal the heart angry: "our defense was eroded. We have 16 turnovers, and then let them get in which 30 points. Want to know the clippers despite and turnovers, but the rockets didn't account for much cheaper, only through the opponent's mistake for a total of 22 points. "Look at the offensive, the third quarter we three long shot out too much, and the lack of the ball transfer. Most of the time the players just comes down, and then direct it's necessary to make moves the. air max 2011 mens Even if sometimes we set the screen and roll, but it seems that our players are not willing to cut into the inside." Kevin said, the team yesterday obviously practice these tactics, but one to the players know not carried out. "I can say we have to give up in the third quarter the game. McHale conclude. Hope the rockets can stop losing streak, reforming morale, with positive attitude to prepare for the next game. The Houston rockets back home losing streak against missing Chris Paul [micro bo], residual matrix attack of the Los Angeles clippers [micro bo]. The first half close two teams, but in the second half, the rockets but indulge in opponent played a wave flow, together with boss Kevin McHale worthy of the adjustment, the rockets lost games to defeat. Next, Houston's schedule is still difficult, if can't
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