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Free History of Food Allergies White Paper

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:03pm
I have recently released a free white paper that you can download from my website on the History of Food Allergies.  You can read the PRWeb Press Release and get the details. I get questions every week about allergies and in particular food allergies.  The average consumer, John Q. Public, is engaged and asking questions like:  Why do you think there has been such an increase in allergies?  Did people used to have food allergies and we just didn't know it?  People are curious now in increasing numbers so much that even I am surprised by this level of interest from people who are seemingly healthy.  When people hear my background they often will stop and want to talk.  The reason that I have released this white paper is because it is, in my quite humble opinion, a good look at allergies and in particular food allergies over time in a reasonably short paper.

It is only 5 pages long with 27 medical footnotes.  Not a long read by any stretch of the imagination.  Prior to releasing it, I had given out many photo copies and the comments I received back were amazing.  People took the time to call me back or e-mail me and tell me what a difference the paper made and how glad they were that I shared it with them.  That is, of course, the whole point of sharing.  We teach sharing in Kindergarten, and I'm good at sharing.  I'll be anxious to see what comments I get on it from you, so please don't be shy!  This link will take you to the paper History of Food Allergy Paper.

Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates, the Greek Physician who is considered to be the 'Father of Medicine', wrote that food could injure some people.  We, as a rule, don't think or talk about food having the ability to injure people.  We certainly are not living in a time where the majority of physicians would agree that food could cause certain health issues, which is probably why people love the paper so much.  From Hippocrates moving forward in time, we can find physicians of great historical stature that are stating that food is a source of illness and disease.  One day, when I have money to burn, I'll be purchasing a copy of a book called "The Food Factor in Disease" a book written by Dr. Francis Hare of Brisbane, Australia in about 1905.  Dr. Hare explains (from the medical literature I read at the medical library) in this two-volume, 1,000 page book how a whole host of diseases were related to food allergies including migraine, asthma, gout, nervousness, epilepsy, mania, dyspepsia, biliousness, headache, bronchitis, eczema, hypertension, gastrointestinal disturbances and other degenerative diseases.

I have purchased older medical books, the oldest one I have was published in 1951 - long before IgE allergies were named and understood.  By all accounts, allergies have been a topic of conversation for over two thousand years.  I'm sure if I was willing to go back to the medical library and I had unlimited time, I could find other writings dating back to before Hippocrates.  I hope you get great value from the History of Food Allergies, and please let me know your comments.

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