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Posted Jun 12 2009 4:58pm

At 30, I really had an eye-opener to the path of Health I've followed throughout my life. I've realized through education and communication tools such as this site, you can really learn allot about all the foods you eat, and what you can change to better how you feel every single day! Having a supportive community when trying to eat & live better is truly the key...

I'm now finding just how many of these communities exist... and it seems each online environment, each one is a little different.  I love this arena, and wanted to share with the rest of you another which i consider one of my best resources... just revamped their site, and its seriously one of the most comprehensive ingredient databases, with the mission to clear up the confusion around food ingredients & give you confidence about the foods you eat, and what the labels and ingredients really mean!  

I find these sites to be an amazing resource to people with food allergies and sensitives, and I prefer the ability to create a customized profile. Then, I can track allergens, identifying hidden ingredients, 'may contains', and other hard-to-recognize ingredients I know I can't process without a fight!

Just wanted to start out here letting everyone know, food allergies and food sensitivities don't have to cause heartburn... Now that I've found all of these great communities, I know I'm not alone. 

I'm taking control of my life, my body and especially my eating habits, and finding what foods actually consist of, and see just how many alternatives are available is now made easy. Thanks,, and thanks!

Always, Hope Ezer

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