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Food Allergy vs Food Intolerance

Posted Mar 15 2009 9:38pm

For years our family have been living with allergy, especially food allergy. We always think that when our body responds negatively to a certain food, that means we get a food allergy. As we understood that allergy can appear in many forms, from itchy skin to faringitis and asthma, we did not see anything strange when someday I realized that I often got bolting after drinking milk. We thought that I was then having milk allergy, besides egg and chicken.

The fact is, what I have had was food intolerance, or in my case, lactose intolerance. It was not an allergy! We should investigate the symptoms before making a diagnose, because negative reaction to food is not always food allergy. You can read and learn more about it in this article about Negative Reaction To Food.

So next time, when a guest of yours come and have dinner at your resident, and says that he or she were sorry that he or she cannot have the food that you serve, it is likely that the problem is only a food aversion. We can include food aversion in a negative reaction to food, but it is not a disease. All you can do is to respect your guest, and offer another food. But if the problem is food allergy, you need to be very careful. It is better to ask the guest about the real condition, what he or she can eat safely and what should be avoided.

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