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food allergies and hives

Posted by shanon1

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance (not ceoliacs) about 6months ago in New Zealand.  I recently spent a month in Thailand and am now in the UK.  Since I arrived in the UK, I have eaten gluten containing foods and a lot of dairy (which i am not allergic to that I am aware of)  I have been in the UK for 6weeks now and have have severe hives for the duration of this time.  They started on my feet and lower legs but have slowly began moving up my body and am now getting them on my torso, hands and ears.  I have been taking anithistamines, nettle juice, among other natural remedies to try and rid myself of them.  I have now gone completely gluten free in my diet for about 5days and have also cut out dairy to see if this will help.  Someone did suggest that other than an allergy perhaps it is because my body is not retaining fluid and is dehydrated.  Although I have been drinking a lot of water i am going to the toilet a lot too.  Also when i was in Thailand i was constantly sweating and losing fluid and also got heat stroke at one stage.  I have been taking some electrolytes in the last few days to try help with fluid absorbtion.


COuld you please help me and offer any advice, my hives are going faster now than in the begining but are still appearing as fast as the begining.  I am at a loss as to what i can do.  Would you suggest it be either of the causes i have mentioned or could it be something completely different?

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.



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