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Food Allergies - Anaphylaxis = not bad

Posted Jul 21 2009 12:45am 1 Comment
Food allergies have been good and bad for our family.

The Good

We are a closer and healthier family because of our experiences with food.
It has provided multiple opportunities for our child to be responsible and stand up for himself.
He has learned how to feel and show compassion for others who are struggling. The list could go on and on but I won’t bore you...

The Bad

My husband and I have become much more cynical of the ability of others to care for our child and terrified of the threat of anaphylaxis.
Our son has been isolated from participating in multiple activities because of safety issues. Again, this list could go on and on but you get the point.

What I would love to see in my son’s future is a cure for allergies (thus leading to full inclusion, true happiness and harmony with the world). What I will take in the mean time is a way to lessen the symptoms of anaphylaxis. If we could take the death (sorry to be so blunt) out of the allergy, my son’s life could be so much more normal.

A study out of Europe seems to hold promise for our “we will settle for less” dream. Through the isolation of an immune hormone, that appears to increase inflammation during anaphylaxis, researches have successfully blocked the molecule and decreased the intensity of anaphylaxis in mouse models.

Some moms dream of lavish vacations and diamonds...I dream of successful mouse models and molecule isolation. Such is life. Click here to read more.
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