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Fold-line mobile mobile phone charger

Posted Jan 22 2013 6:04am
In recent years, with the popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs, a variety of power shortage problem appears people of all ages, charging for digital products, mobile mobile phone charger market businesses have sprung up, to leading quality, technology, quality, cost-effective, and other factors not much consumers praise. PISEN king brand doing my part as a domestic digital products, mobile power products on the market by consumers in hot pursuit.

After 2011 mobile power products sales in the first "honor. PISEN achieve substantial growth for 12 consecutive months of sales since 2012; September the sum of the sales of the various types of mobile power break through the 50 million units, which kicked PISEN distance with competitors consolidating its leading position.

The sales PISEN breakthrough again and again mark, and in the production and sales of each PISEN joint efforts and attempts inseparable. To to know protable mobile power pack or a new product, the industry skills gap PISEN in the research and production of mobile power, select safe batteries, create their own patents, constantly in research and development in again and again to overcome the technical problems , have now favored by consumers secure mobile power generation.

Which launched PISEN electric tyrants, the electric cubic series represented by the folding line mobile power configuration of the world's only mobile power AC plug from charging technology has become the industry's flagship product with its own patent.

Take the heavyweight mobile power the year PISEN launched product electricity tyrants and electric cubic who. More refined without reducing their capacity portable version for multi-capacity charging needs of different consumers into durable; built-in smart devices voltage identification chip, can automatically identify Apple series and various brand mobile phones, tablet the voltage and current of the computers and other digital products, security virtual charge; fold-line selection of mobile power more elegant, using a more state-of-the-art technology, as well as more fashion elements, exciting people.

In addition, they are equipped with the world's only mobile power AC plug from the charging patented technology. Contrast to other mobile power products market, the key point is that the technology innovation PISEN:

Solve the mobile power charging trouble, not the case of an external independent charging plug can keep charging (exclusive);

2, the user can 'fold line' mobile power connected digital products and inserted into the socket, directly as a charger for a variety of digital devices, eliminating the need to go out the inconvenience of carrying multiple chargers.

The folding plug equipped with mobile power PISEN, to give us a lot of convenience. For example, to go out you want to charge their cell phones to take charge line, they must also bring a charger; With 'fold line' mobile power only to take it to give iphone / ipad multi digital products charge. Because it connects the phone plugged in, as a charger to charge the phone, the phone is full automatic conversion mode, and then charging for itself. Streamline the number of belongings at the same time, it also has to charge a variety of devices, good compatibility; lasting power supply for a long time; beautiful shape, design excellence; safety, brand name produced features.

Whether you are a digital tide people, students white-collar workers, outdoor enthusiasts or business people; regardless of what you use digital products; simply keep a mobile power plug is enough, convenient and easily share a variety of digital products.

With the development of mobile power industry and technology, PISEN are continuing to expand their own parties in the industry. Constant attention to market needs and user experience, upgrade existing products while using its own technical strength increasing the additional features of the product; PISEN will bring more and more like a "mobile power plug power "so easy to use products with people's lives.

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