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Five Good Ideas to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Posted Jan 18 2013 10:19am

Girls always want to be romantic and want their boyfriend be romantic always, but it is hard to men, because they are not as emotional as women, they just can not think things like women think. While, if you want to bring some romantic and surprises to your girlfriend but do not know how, here are some tips and tricks for you.

Make her the center of attention.
Most of the time, girls do not need you give gifts or things to her, they just want your focus. How often do you really focus on your sweetie’s needs? Sure, you probably buy dinner and talk about the way she makes you feel, but when was the last time you treated her like a queen? It might seem kind of odd, especially if she’s the independent type, but giving her an evening where she doesn’t have to lift a finger – with a foot rub and warm bubble bath added in, for instance – will totally catch her off guard.

Buy her a surprised gift on her birthday
The birthday of your girlfriend is the perfect occasion to give a surprise to her. There are many gifts items on the internet which you can pick up and send to the person you like. There are innumerable brands and various types of things which you can browse through and pick up. For example, you can buy her a jewelry with a beautiful jewelry box stored, you can also buy her an expensive watch. Watch related: watch display.

Leave Notes
This works especially for men that have to leave for work earlier than she wakes up. It is very easy but also very effective. These will allow you to easily put notes on the mirror for when she wakes up, the fridge at breakfast time, even up the hallway on her way out of the bedroom. Simple things such I love you, or you look beautiful today, will totally make her day. Nowadays, every people have a phone, they like to leave a text message, but leave a not is more romantic.

Send flowers to her office for no reason at all
Every guy worth his salt will arrange for a bouquet to arrive at his girlfriend’s desk on her birthday or for Valentine’s Day, which is why the price is always so high around February 14th! Why not pay for a dozen of her favorite flowers to be delivered on a random day of the week? You might even consider being a little cheeky and adding a note to congratulate her on a great job making dinner the night before!

Indulge her
Every girl wants to be pampered. Get her away from all the stress in life and treat her to a day at the spa. Of course, this indulgence will be better if you’re there at the spa with her. Not only will you get to treat her like the princess she is, you also get to spend the day with her while getting yourself a nice massage.

Always make some romantic to your girlfriend, I am sure she will love you more as time goes by, and she can not live without you, it is your honor as a man.

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