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First time use of Fish oil . Is this normal. Please reply.

Posted by resolehtmai

I read about fish oil some time ago, and thought of trying one. I got this Nature Made 1200mg 360 mg omega 3 Fish oil. It stated taking 2 softgels per day. Within a couple of dosages I experienced irritation in my eyes, but it subsided after a couple of minutes. The next day I experienced severe itching in my penile region and mild swelling in the foreskin there as a result of scratching. I have had fish before but not many times. This is the first time I have used a fish oil supplement.
Could these reactions be because of the capsules or its just a coincidence (coz the penile itching felt like some insect or ant bite :-))?
Should I continue using and expect that I get used to the supplement?
Should I try decreasing the dosage to just 1 capsule a day?

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