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fire ant allergy

Posted by enviroworks

Four weeks ago, I was stung by seven fire ants on my left leg.  The stings were from my knee down to my toes.  By the next morning, I began to show swelling from the mid thigh down to my toes.  I went to my physician and received antibotics and steroid injections.  A week later the swelling was intense to the point of showing stretch marks on my calf and ankle.  I was given IV introduction of further steroids and antibotics, as well as lasix.  The swelling was reduced with this IV treatment and "dose pack" treatment with oral antibiotics.  The swelling is still evident after four weeks to approximately 25% of the most severe edema.  One consulted physician questioned if I had not been bitten by a cottonmouth or rattle snake because of the severity of the swelling.  I have no areas of discoloration or severity of "point of bite" indication.  Please note that I've been stung multiple times in my life prior to this incident, with some cases of hundreds of stings without incident.

I want to receive desentization shots.  I have multiple allergies from dust mites to various (multiple) pollens.  I do not wish to go through a complete series of allergy tests, as this was done twenty years ago, and I wish only to attack the fire ant problem as it's severity indicates possible severe antiphilactic  reaction.  I carry Epi-pens.

I need a proposal for my compounding pharmacy to deal with this and then give feed back to my physician for prescription for this injectible immulogical defense.

Travis Berry French

Waynesboro and Clifton, Tennessee 



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