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Fever in the process of using a mobile phone mobile power pack

Posted Jan 04 2013 5:51am
Phone mobile power Why will heat it should be a lot of people are not very clear now, the phone mobile power reason the fever is because part of the energy consumed in the form of heat in the internal circuitry of the mobile power in the process of using a mobile power supply, batteryon; Proportion to analysis, the higher the efficiency, the heat will be lower, less energy losses in the circuit, which means that phone mobile power, the higher the conversion rate, of course, mobile mobile power heating but also bring some of the problems , such as: internal overheating, high temperature accelerated component aging, although there will be no rapid effects of damage to the usb power pack mobile power supply, but the aging of components, and will shorten the life. Mobile mobile power pack power supply manufacturers to remind you, whether you buy a Portable mobile power pack mobile power purchase life brand or charge treasure, whether or not in the course of encounter mobile power temperature anomalies hot, stop using it immediately, and contact your dealer to solicit approach.
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