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Fengdu Ghost City is the place to know about Chinese ghost culture

Posted Apr 25 2014 3:05am


With a history of almost 2,000 years, Fengdu Phantom City is situated on the north bank of the Yangtze Stream. China travel service  It is regarded to be the best place for individuals to learn about Chinese suppliers ghost lifestyle, as Fengdu Nation has its own exclusive lifestyle involved with mood and the afterlife.

Fengdu was known as the Phantom City from the Southern Han Empire. Two authorities from the imperial court, Yin Changsheng and Wang Fangping, made the decision to go to Ming Mountain to exercise Taoist lessons. Through their observances and persistence, they gradually obtained growing old. People merge their surnames to generate the name Yinwang, which appears to be like ‘king of hell’ in Chinese suppliers. Later, during the Tang Empire, a forehead was designed on Ming Mountain illustrating life in terrible. It shows hellish pictures and pain gadgets and shows the fact that excellent individuals will be handled well in the afterlife and bad individuals will be sent to terrible.More China city tour :  Tibet Tours

In the perspective of the afterlife, the deceased (or ghosts) must go through three major assessments to get into the netherworld. These assessments are taken at three places – Nothing-To-Be-Done-Bridge; Phantom Torturing Successfully pass and Tianzi Structure. Another fascination is the Last-Glance at Home Structure where mood banished to terrible could take one last look at their loved ones.
Visitors to the Phantom City will be amazed by the craftsmanship of the historical artisans, the exclusive designs of structure and the originality of the ghost lifestyle. Whatever your values, you are advised that Good will be compensated with excellent, and wicked with wicked. More China city tour : Beijing travel guide 

Located a few hours north of Chongqing on the north financial institutions of the Yangtze rests one of the most unusual (and bizarrely well-known with Chinese suppliers tourists) sites in China: Fengdu Phantom City. Ancient Chinese suppliers literary works often falls into the areas of mood and the paranormal, and Fengdu is recommended intensely in famous works like Trip to the Western.

The main attraction: a forehead on top of a hill looking over the stream, which combinations Buddhist and Taoist lessons in a stunning reflection of the three assessments that the deceased must pass to get into the netherworld. China travel agents  The Nothing to be Done Link, the Phantom Torturing Successfully pass and the Son of Paradise Structure are also well-known destinations in the area. Guests go over the bridge in a ritualistic way based on sex and marriage position. Repulsive moss-covered sculptures illustrating devils line the actions of the Phantom Torturing Successfully pass which results in the Structure.



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