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External medium praised China's great achievements thought liberation said expedites the miracle

Posted Nov 08 2012 6:40am

"The reform and opening up 30 years, the Chinese  mbt shoes  thought unprecedented liberation, from all the world advanced development way of thinking and science and technology, develops the innovation unceasingly, the economy in the world ranking has from the fifth to the second jump, the people's living standard has been greatly improved, significantly increased international status, has become the world's economic miracle" creator "and are seeking to emulate" template ". All these achievements results from the Chinese government's reform and opening up policy, benefit from the liberation of thought and spirit of progress. Ideological emancipation midwifery China miracle. This is Egypt "has a newspaper website editor sabu in communist party held at 18 of accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, China has made great achievements of a heartfelt sigh.

Sabu, says China's economy for many years fast development, create the miracle of world economic development history, especially in the current world economic crisis of the environment is still "outshine others", in order to help the world economy out of recession has made obvious to  mbt shoes  all contribution. China's reform and opening up 30 years, not only solved the problem of food and clothing of the 1.3 billion Chinese people, but also in urbanization, modernization of the road has achieved great achievements, half of the Chinese people has become urban residents, most of the Chinese people have the basic life, pension and medical security, social stability and harmonious wind jiancheng, this is the Chinese government's hard work results, is also China, ensure the sustainable development.

Sabu the last said he interviews held in tianjin china-arab cooperation BBS fourth ministerial meeting witnessed and witness the elvis, china-arab political and economic relationship nearly 10 years of rapid development. Although 2011 Egyptian political severe turbulence, the world economic downturn overall situation, but the elvis bilateral trade is still reached $8.8 billion, up 26%, the china-arab trade was close to $200 billion, the Arab countries have become China's seventh largest trade partner of China has become most Arab countries the main foreign trade partners. Along with the economic strength of the ascension, China in the international society the role of will is more and more big. Sabu thought, is being held in the eighteenth big of the communist party of China is not only China, but also one of the world's major event. Eighteen big after, China will continue to reform and opening-up road walk, obtain the new achievement, write more glorious chapter.

For every kilograms of chocolate  mbt shoes sale  hazelnut paste collection of 0.06 euros "fat tax"? The soda pop, beer and function after drinks, obesity is the hammer of the tax and aim at the French breakfast favorite Nutella can benefit many chocolate hazelnut paste.

The Parisian newspaper on November 7,, said in the French government in 2013 national medical insurance a financial planning, with palm oil as raw material of coconut dry, ice cream and chocolate hazelnut paste and other products for be directed to obesity and cardiovascular disease, was the French senate lawmakers many tiny as the future taxation object.

Many tiny said: "palm oil although not expensive, but rich in damages healthy saturated fatty acid, the ecological environment also have harm to its taxation. We are hoping to persuade manufacturers stop to use." France "20 minutes newspaper said, the French consumes nearly 130000 tons of palm oil, once through tax law, as the national" income "40 million euros. Because the French market chocolate hazelnut paste competition is intense, experts predict producers would not through the price increase will fat tax passed on to the consumer.

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