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Experts talk about Obama re-elected says the United States could not make China an enemy

Posted Nov 08 2012 6:43am

With Obama's words, the two countries may not solve all problems, but the world any a major problem without u.s.-china cooperation are difficult to solve. In other words, not China's cooperation, the United States in the world many things can be done.

The United States may not  Cheap Beats By Dre  make China an enemy

4 years once the dust settles the presidential election, Obama re-elected. The American presidential election, the domestic media and public attention is high, the size media and micro bo on candidate every word and deeds and trend evolution to explore constantly.

Investigate its reason, one is the American presidential election is the act of the beautiful "political soap opera". Election from the beginning, a scuffle, the PK, both candidates three games TV debate, desperately to woo the voters, rather conglutination and so on elements, form multiple wonderful aspect, natural attract known as the "mind world" the laudatory name of Chinese eye; Add new media developed, for this distant attention provides a channel. The second is not only related to the U.S. presidential election in the United States and the United States, and more or less impact on the world, and its impact on Chinese seems to be especially sensitive.

In fact, no matter who was elected President of the United States, is impossible to make China an enemy; China and the United States has become the interests and the fate of the community, bucket, all with a $be good for both sides. Trade volume between the two countries from usd $2.45 billion to over $500 billion this year, Personnel exchanges 30 years ago, less than 10000 people every year, every day is now nearly 10000 people; The number  Cheap Beats By Dre  of foreign students in 1978 only dozens of people, has over 180000 people last year. The United States is implemented into 2013 in 100000 to study abroad Chinese plan; The two countries together GDP, is almost a third of the world; Two important members of the security council kingdom is an extraordinary, many important international affairs need the common involved in decisions.

With Obama's words, the two countries may not solve all problems, but the world any a major problem without u.s.-china cooperation are difficult to solve. In other words, not China's cooperation, the United States in the world many things can be done. China and the United States are already in a pot to have a meal, shrewd americans won't hit the pot. Even Mr Romney elected, surely he will not in the "office announced that China's first day for currency manipulator". Because he himself was a successful businessman, in China has a profitable business.

The development of China to the United States on the one hand, caused certain competition and challenge, but also took America by huge political, economic and security interests. A cooperation, open and development of China's most accord with the fundamental interests of the United States, the United States people are also. Should say, no matter who was elected the next President of the United States, is impossible to change the basic structure of relations between China and the United States, do not have any reason to relations between China and the United States make stiff.

Of course, Obama reappointment or let a person breathed a collective sigh of relief. Because he has  beats by dre cheap  with the Chinese played four years crossing, known as China's core position. China and the United States is to understand each other, so as to avoid the face rookie unfamiliar, suspicion, reduced the relations between China and the United States the risk of fluctuations, help to reduce loss, improve efficiency. The New York times columnist friedman has described, relations between China and the United States is like a big garden, requiring careful maintenance and pruning, can not stand a sudden rainstorm of flounder.

Xinhua observation

Obama won re-election grades?

This year the U.S. presidential election is the theme of the economy. The American economy 3 years recovery weakness, delayed out, Mr Romney won the White House should be odds is very big, but he failed to give full play to its economic management specialty, especially during the campaign often make mistakes, result in missed opportunities.

On September open a video clips, Mr Romney accused 47% of people eat the government relief, irresponsible and fell in a "do not understand the sufferings of the people rich" negative image, make its rather suffer a fatal.

Relative errors of repeatedly romney, Obama has a series of advantages: President unique  beats by dre cheap  administrative resources, beautiful unemployment timely fall and the minorities of popular support, etc. Of course, "sandy" hurricane also at a critical moment to help him a lot.

First of all, Mr Obama as President seek reelection in has the traditional advantage. Obama need not like romney that to win their party's nomination and overcome all the difficulties in the way ", at the same time available administrative resources an early start to strategic layout.

Second, the American economy in the past few years, though not quick recovery, but in the slow rebound, especially this year real estate market milder obviously. Barack Obama proposed "forward" campaign slogans, insists he has turn the economy around, the country found the correct direction, therefore can't retreat, can only go forward, begged voters to give him a chance. His appeal is very convincing.

Moreover, Mr Obama is a grassroot background first minority President, and Mr Romney as white elite representative image contrast. With personality charm and affinity, Obama in women, young people and minorities in the approval ratings have bigger advantage.

In addition, in which the key moment of the conglutination, "sandy" hurricane on October 29 suddenly attack east coast of the United States. Obama has suspended all campaign to command emergency rescue and disaster relief, for his many points. His approach and even win from the republican political opponents, New Jersey governor Christie rare admiration.

However, Obama is re-elected, but in the rat choose after the war, the United States social racial crack deepen, congress political deadlock is still, economic situation severe, the discharge pressure re-election of Obama, in the second term is facing many challenges.

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