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Every year around this time, when allergy season is a couple of weeks in, I start getting digestive problems and my ankles swell

Posted by tummysneeze

It usually takes me a week of worrying what's wrong to remember what time of the year it is.  I don't have any upper respiratory symptoms, just the stomach pain that sometimes can be severe enough to seem like chest pain.  When I take antihistamine, Chlortrimeton, the symptoms diminish significantly.  My doctor says I'm nuts and did a complete gastric panel, finding nothing wrong.  So, I'm sticking with my self-medicating.  I know it's not psychosomatic, because I really never think about the allergy season until after I start getting, and worrying about, the stomach symptoms.  Just this evening I had my annual, 'You idiot, it's allergic!" epiphany. Have you ever heard of people having gastric allergic reactions to pollen?  Thanks.
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