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even this time with teammate

Posted Mar 12 2013 3:15am

ing in low-level club in Sao Paulo state, as vice chairman of the club, and-Petah mainly responsible for the

signings work. Recently, to nike free run womens shoes sale   the media, he made it clear that Chan Chi-chiu interest incurred under, Osa Basescu representatives to

participate in the state of Sao Paulo A2 League.
Million Peta said, "I will disclose the idea has been more than a month to Alfonso (Corinthians coach) Chan Chi-chiu lent us and I told him,

he said to go back and seek the views of the Board, but I'm going to try again. has a very pleasant cooperation if the trip will bring good

changes to the team. Chan Chi-chiu has been more than a year of training, played played pretty good. "Chan Chi-chiu few appearances, but

still get the support of the fans. In February last year, he joined the team, but it was not until October against Cruzeiro when presented

the first show. That is the last year of his first appearance records.

The beginning of 2013, Chan Chi-chiu in the Sao Paulo state championship appearances opportunity and g cheap nike free run 2 womens   et a strong response. Paulista team

game, he left to play well, riding a bicycle way too off a defender and sent the assists for Giovanni. In the next game with  team

and Myra Sol team is still the starting lineup. But his appearances on this abrupt end, even this time with teammate Leo, and no joint

training with large forces.

The leadership of the team will d  cheap nike air relentless 2   etermine the final list after the game with Palmeiras on Sunday and next Monday formally submitted. For Chan

Chi-chiu long war, if the "Left Behind", his in Corinthians prospects will be very optimistic.

"Global Sports" website reported that, according to Brazil, the traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming, and as far away as Brazil, the

Chinese player Chan Chi-chiu [microblogging] to accept an interview with local media, the Chinese guy living in a foreign land is ready to do

as the Romans do feel Brazil Carnival lively scene.

Came to Brazil has been a time of the year, Chan Chi-chiu as Corinthians players and did not hide his love for this country. Not only is the

local customs and cuisine, coupled with Brazil's sunny beaches, so this strange land Stranger linger. And he choose to settle down the next

town Arujá in metropolitan Sao Paulo, living together with his mother.

The biggest festival of Carnival in Brazil is about to be opened in Sao Paulo City, Chan Chi-chiu has faced a problem: with her mother to

rest at home, or to participate in the march to Sao Paulo, Ann years than the exhibition center?

"Probably, I do not know which to choose." When talking about the possibility of participating in the festival parade go samba school, Chan

Chi-chiu answered with a smile, told reporters.

Then he added: "I think (carnival parade) also came Arujá town." Chan Chi-chiu TV content on Carnival very fascinated, "I understand that

this is very grand, very beautiful, but also floral parade was great! "

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