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epipen carriers - sassy options out there?

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:47pm
i must admit, i really need to be more diligent about how i carry around our epipens. i am usually really good about taking her messenger bag into the house each day after our forays out and about. but there have been times where i've forgotten it in the car. upon realization of this lame-brained-ness, i smack myself (think "i shoulda had a v8") and frantically look at the epi pens to make sure they haven't been compromised by the heat or the cold. and yes, because of my stupidity, I've replaced a few!

well, since it's 2008, i'm making a post new year's resolution to find a better way to keep these puppies safe and sound for bella.

after searching, googling, and surfing the site, this is what I came up with (along with my notes, albeit brief, on each one). Some are plain carriers, some are insulated, and some are geared towards packs to keep at school or daycare:

These are the ones I like the best: - super cute, especially the mocha one (check it out at left). - love the fabrics (check out the photo below), and best of all it looks like they are offering a 15% discount right now. Score!

since i'm the one carrying it (oh and mark too I guess), I want something cute (of course) that I can find easily in my purse or the messenger bag. keep in mind that even though these are my preferred carriers - it's just a personal preference, not a
judgment of the others. these all look like they fit a need out there!

i'd love to hear from you all - have you used any of these? do you have a favorite? any other choices I didn't stumble across? spill, people!
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