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Egg Allergy Can Be Fun!

Posted Dec 20 2008 10:37pm 1 Comment

My mom and I share an egg allergy. However, instead of feeling miserable every time we see delicious cakes and pastries on bakery windows, knowing that we can only imagine the taste, we learn to accept our condition, and try to make the best of it, and continue our life with lot more beautiful things in the world other than eggs.

It did took several years before getting used to it, but now we can have a better life, even with our allergy.

This is the secret to make egg allergy becomes fun. Everyone who has other food allergy can use the same way too. The most important thing is our mindset. We should not let our allergy control our life. It's us who must control it!

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You need not simply feel miserable looking at the delicious cakes.  You can bake them all, without eggs of course.  I've been baking without eggs using various easily available egg substitutes for sometime now and have got fabulous results.  You can check out my experiments and results while baking without eggs here.

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