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Eat watermelon

Posted Oct 16 2012 7:06am

Today, home to a lot of guests, my grandma, grandpa, little brother... Can be noisy!


At this time, father from outside to embrace a jumbo watermelon. Watermelon grow round, like a basketball. Wearing a green flower Bape Jeans Men long clothes, like a flower wearing clothes of the whales. I asked dad help, the watermelon on the tank flushing, then will it dry. I can't wait to let dad cut watermelon, watermelon cut, it show red melon crumb, watermelon juice along the knife wall came down, let a person see the vertical flow three feet, I very want to taste for fast, and then look around so many people, thought of the jung let pear "story, and embarrassed will come to hand.


"Cha, Cha" a few times, dad will watermelon "fall apart," people will be the first one to grandpa, said: "grandpa, you first have a taste!" Grandpa took the watermelon tastes, said: "it's very sweet! My daughter grow up!" I left the watermelon among the grandma, brother, uncle, aunt... Finally to himself.


I took a bite, sweet, a stream of cool meaning from the mouth through the heart, that people ate also want to eat. After eating, lips, cheeks and hands are just too juice.


Through this matter, I know that I grew up, and by the elders praise, immensely.


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