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Eat, Stop, Eat Diet â?? Eat Until You Are Satisfied

Posted Mar 17 2010 11:01pm
Brad Pilon developed the Eat Stop Eat diet. This diet has gained popularity with people desiring an easy way to lose body fat and not having to count calories or stick to a rigid eating plan. This diet is simple such that will it will help you to eat the way you want.

With this diet Brad recommends that you follow one or two day fasts where you eat nothing but have just water and black coffee. You have to burn 3,500 calories to lose one pound of body fat. So, if you eat normally for five days and fast the other two days of the week you can cut your caloric intake by 1,500 to 3,500 calories.

If you are worried about muscle loss and your body going into starvation mode you just need to sign up for the plan to see the research. They will show you how this diet that works actually will increase hormone growth levels and boost your fat loss levels. You should definitely see an overall increase in your health by being on this diet.

The only real problem with this diet is being able to control your eating for the twenty-four hour fast period. Other problems you may encounter during the fast period are headaches.

The Eat Stop Eat diet program is based on science and can be used in conjunction with any diet or eating style. You can choose the days to fast and you are not restricted from eating any foods.

The Eat Stop Eat program provides a well-detailed plan which needs to be followed. Two days during the week you choose to fast. You should not fast two days in a row. On the days you do eat you can eat carbs, fat and proteins. You do not have to measure calories or the weight of your food – just eat until you feel satisfied.
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