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Dry and Scaly finger

Posted by loverosh

I have been having problems with my fingers from the past few months. The skin on few of my fingers on the right hand gets dry suddenly within few hours and then there is a dry cut. The cut is very painful. I tried applying Vaseline and getting it healed. Many a times it got healed. But after few days again it would get dry and another cut would appear.

However, one of my fingers is not healing at all since the past two months even after repetitive application of Vaseline. The finger looks very scaly and dry, and very often it would develop the cut again and again.

 Any body has any suggestions or do i really need to see a Dermatologist ?

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It could be ecsema. Try a little hydrocortisone cream a couple of times a day for a week and see if it helps. Is the cut on you knuckle? If it is it will take longer to heal becuase every time you bend your finger it will reopen. Also for general healing puposes (my daughter has severe and painful dry skin that cracks a lot) we use Hyland's Diaper Ointment. I know that sounds a little strange but it is wonderful stuff! It is a thick salve that stays where you put it with wonderful healing ingredients. I hope this helps.
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