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Don’t Forget to Get a Dell 1150 Laptop Battery Replacement for Yourself

Posted Nov 15 2013 10:05am

Dell is one of the household names in the computer industry, and any good computer should obviously run at its best capacity. This is a brief presentation of the driving force behind the Dell 1150, and that is theDell 1150 battery, of course. So, let’s see what exactly this battery is all about. What follows is a basic “tale of the tape” kind of description to help you understand how this thing works.


It’s got Li-ion cells, its tension is 14.8 volts, its capacity is 6600mAh, or 65 Wh it comes in gray, and the number of cells is 6. It comes with a charger which has the following technical specs:

1. Pick-up voltage: 11-15 volts

2. Drop-out voltage: 19.5 volts

3. Drop-out current: 4.6 A

4. 90-watt power

5. Smart pin connector

6. Connector dimensions: 7.4 x 5 milimeters. 12-month warranty


This allows the Dell laptop to work without problems for 4 hours if it’s new, which is good in terms ofDell 1150 laptop batterylife. You can work and multitask away without having to worry about charging your laptop for 4 hours. The adapter works with either 120/230 volts or 100/240 volts, so whichever you can use is just fine. The downside to this battery and adapter is the fact that it doesn’t work with an automatic 24-volt plug, so if you have that sort of plug in your home, change it or don’t get a Dell 1150 laptop, because you’ll find it doesn’t charge while plugged in, and you obviously want your laptop to work well.


If you ever wanted to know what makes your Dell be the high-tech monster it is, what is the core that keeps its energy roaring when it’s down, this very brief and basic rundown concerning the features of its battery and adapter might prove to be of assistance. Every tech geek should be very well informed when it comes to their device, and if your Dell battery andDell 1150 adapterdon’t work the way you think they should, these basic specs should help you tell the people you got them from what parameters you expect your device to be working at. It always helps to know these things, even in the most basic of ways. Almost everyone has a laptop these days, there’s a good chance that many of those laptops are Dell laptops, so if yours is one, here are the essential things to know about your battery and adapter. So, if you are looking forward to buy a new battery for your Dell laptop, then it is recommended that you should go with the Dell 1150 battery for yourself.

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