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Do you know where are to buy Cute iPhone 5 cases

Posted Dec 13 2012 8:50am

Apple iPhone, not only let a mobile phone product truly entered the era of intelligence, and pulled the entire mobile phone accessories industry chain to develop, mobile created a large number of business opportunities for phone accessories manufacturers , it also makes the iPhone parts in the whole mobile phone mobile phone accessories products occupy a decisive position. Then, we choose iPhone 5 housing parts as our first evaluation target evaluation parts horizontal.

This time, a total of 14 companies 18 products are finalists for China mobile phone iPhone 5 cases. So what product to the " master gathered in " duel talent showing itself, the best iPhone 5 shell crown? Let us now as we opened the answer.

Hard PC type:

Hard PC shells can be said to be our daily in the most common iPhone parts, and nominated us the selection of shell products also occupy a majority, it reached 13 much.

The following is a kind of shortlisted products ( in alphabetical order):

CAPDASE Silva Shimma:


iWALK Celebrity

CAPDASE Silva Shimma

moshi iGlaze Armour




ODOYO Wild Animal

GGMM leather

pinlo Dot Case


dexim Artistic

BONE Bubble 5




Acase Dual Layer

The shell can protect and beautify the mobile phone in a certain extent, but for iPhone 5 so good mobile phone with a thin, worn after the casing if the overall too thick, will undoubtedly reduce mobile phone design sense, so the thickness is considered a mobile phone shell design of important indexes.

By the final results we see 18 iPhone 5 housing in the thickness of the gap is quite obvious, the first CAPDASE XPOSE into iPhone 5 thickness is only 8.85 mm. While

GGMM leather flip cover due to join the clamshell design, its thickness that is reached 13.47 mm, although this to a certain extent, to give users a good cortical feel, but according to the scoring rules, or to cut off many points.

All the time since, iPhone mobile phone are excellent single hand manipulation, which benefited from the iPhone mobile phone body width is properly designed, also, if worn casing makes the whole machine too wide, will also destroy the iPhone good one-handed manipulation, so the width of the housing is also a must consider the design factors.

Now the mobile phone manufacturers in order to allow the mobile phone more light, it is really rack one's brains, if a case is too heavy, will also affect the portability of mobile phone. Similarly, we also need to consider for the weight of the housing about best iphone 5 cases.

Initially, the series consists of four different famous Japanese platters: hinomaru bento (Japanese Flag lunch), tonkatsu (fried pork), yakisoba (beef noodles), and good ol' bacon n' eggs. That's right, bacon and eggs is a famous Japanese platter too. The power of bacon knows no borders, boundaries, nor does it have a language barrier.

When asked what he thought of Strapya World's recent growth, International Sales Manager Kosuke Fujii said, "We expect to be among the leaders in Japan because we operate on a global level, and it's great, but our real goal is to be the world leader in e-Commerce for the cell phone accessories market."

That's not to say that this website is only good for the ladies. For the men, Strapya World also offers a broad selection of iPhone 5 Cases as well as some Japanese Gadgets that seem to appeal to the male gender, and of course the aforementioned iMeshi series. If you have an interested on cute iphone cases, you can go to this website.

So if you’re looking for a Christmas gift to get for an eccentric friend or relative, perhaps an eccentric cell phone accessory is the gift you’re looking for. It would be great timing too, aligned with the release of these new products.

Krystal Series iPhone 5 Cases:

This iPhone 5 case is a clear plastic case covered entirely in crystal clear rhinestones. It’s the perfect iPhone 5 case for those that want to bling up their iPhone 5. The Lollimobile Krystal Series iPhone 5 cases is available in clear crystal with a retail value of 19.99 USD.

Crystal Clear HD Screen Guard:

This high-transparent film is made with a weather resistant, dust-proof, high quality PET plastic which offers a high transparency rate of 91.2% to 97% for watching 1080P video with nearly no picture quality and clarity loss. It offer anti-UV protection with a strong anti-friction rating of 2H to 3H and features a ultra high performance environmentally friendly adhesive which automatically binds with no bubbles or peeling away. The Crystal Clear HD Screen Guard comes with a micro fiber sheet and has a retail value of 9.99 USD. Besides, this company also launched iphone power packs, do you have an interested on it?

The visuals are a treat. That nice, vibrant colour makes it stand out so much that it's easy to find at the bottom of a bag, and we love the attention to detail: the Home button is covered by a 'paw print' and the volume controls are in the elephant's ears.

Of those we've asked, girls seem to love this case and want it, while guys think it's either cute or silly (but may well end up buying it for their girlfriends).

It doesn't exactly complement the iPhone's sleek and gorgeous design, however; in fact the case hides the iPhone's looks completely. Possibly not one for people who like to show off their choice of smartphone.

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