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Do you judge a book by it's cover?

Posted Feb 09 2011 4:59pm
I thought this was an interesting question from my boys the other day. It got me thinking, because they say you shouldn't, but then they put the covers on there for a reason. I mean, I am married to an artist that does covers and yeah, he wants to grab that book because you love the cover.

So the experimenting began with an innocent chocolate chip muffin.

I am not quite there with it, but here is where the never judge a book by its cover comes in...they are UGLY, but so good!

Also, the illustrator has named them segregation muffins since the chocolate chips all went to the bottom.
He's a clever one...back off ladies, he is all mine!

Here's the problem...they are are great texture on the inside with a great crust on the outside. They clearly have too much of a certain moisture content. I guess, for the sake of science, we will have to try again...for science.

So, do you change the recipe for an ugly muffin even if it tastes good?

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