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Do You Have An Emergency Plan??

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:46pm
A hard part of managing Tyler's peanut allergy is leaving him in the care of others. Would someone at church or even my mother-in-law recognize a reaction and know what to do?

After Tyler's ER visit on June 30 everyone in his life became even more aware of just how life-threatening it is. I wondered if I could effectively communicate all that encompasses an anaphylactic reaction without overwhelming and even scaring those in his life.

After doing a little research online (including this website ), I developed a plan that was thorough but not too overwhelming. I have posted it in both of our church nurseries, put one in his emergency medicine bag, and will be framing one for our home. The one at home will be kept in his closet and can easily be pulled out when we have a baby sitter.

Here is "Tyler's Emergency Plan for a Peanut Reaction"
(click on the plan to enlarge it)

It includes symptoms of both mild and severe reactions and what to do in each instance. I've also included some graphics about giving the EpiPen even though it is also on his trainer and the EpiPen itself.

Not only is this plan great to have in writing for other caregivers, it will be helpful to myself also. I'm not sure how rational I would be in the face of an allergic crisis. The plan makes it simple to just read and follow.

**This was created in Microsoft Publisher. If you would like to use it for a template for your own plan, please e-mail me (address is on sidebar) and I will be happy to send you the file.
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