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Did You Read the Label Grandma?

Posted Dec 23 2009 5:16am
Welcome to "The Best of 2009!" This post was originally published on January 4, 2009

New Year's Eve something monumental happened in terms of Tyler taking more ownership of his peanut allergy. And, let me tell, nothing could make me have a happier new year!

As our family gathered that evening to indulge all the treats that saying goodbye to the previous years brings, my mother-in-law asked Tyler if he wanted a cookie. She is very, very allergy aware and has my permission to offer him food without asking me first.

When she offered him the cookie, the following conversation occurred:

"Did you read the label on these cookies, Grandma?"

"Well, Tyler, I made them from scratch. They are safe."

"Oh, thank you Grandma!"

Now, for some people, this may not sound like much, but it was better than any Christmas present I could ever receive. One of my greatest fears has always been that someone would offer him something unsafe without me around. My goal since his diagnosis nearly 3 years ago has been to have him ask the questions himself.

This didn't happen overnight, of course. We have several conversations in the course of every week of how to stay safe. One thing I always mention is asking people about the safety of a food before he eats it.

We will still continue to work diligently to train him of how to take more ownership of the allergy himself, but this was a BIG step forward for me. He, not me, asked the question!

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